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Autumn Foliage Tour 16Days

Our tour concierge will contact you via the registered email address and provide you with service.

  • From 665,000yen

Service Description

Every year, Japan's mountains, forests, and gardens are adorned with vibrant autumn foliage, creating a spectacular canvas of colors. If you want to experience the most beautiful sights of autumn in Japan, then a journey to admire the fall foliage is an absolute must. Itinerary & Description Day1 HND/NRT==Hotel(Four or five star) Day2 Hotel Dep Time(08:30)==Meiji Shrine==Shibuya Sky(ticket¥2500)==Shibuya Parco [Nintendo + Pokémon Center]==Shinjuku Gyoen(ticket¥500)==Shinjuku Koganegai==18:30Hotel(Four or five star) Day3 Hotel Dep Time(08:30)==Sushi Experience==outer gardens of the Imperial Palace==Sensoji Temple==Nakamise Shopping Street==Water bus (Asakusa=Odaiba) == Odaiba Kaihin Park == Odaiba Gundam Statue==18:30Hotel(Four or five star) Day4 Hotel Dep Time(08:30)==Nikko Toshogu Shrine == Lake Chuzenji == Hwasan no Takitaki==18:00Hotel(Four or five star) Day5 Hotel Dep Time(08:30)==Kawaguchiko Boulder Park==Oshino Hachikai==Arakura-Fuji Sengen Shrine==18:00Hotel(Four or five star) Day6 Hotel Dep Time(08:30)==Suwa Lake ==Matsumoto Castle(ticket¥700)==Matsumoto Museum of Art (ticket¥410)==18:30Hotel(Four or five star) Day7 Hotel Dep Time(08:30)==Jigokudani Yaen-koen (ticket¥800) == Zenkoji Temple == Daio Wasabi Farm==18:30Hotel(Four or five star) Day8 Hotel Dep Time(08:30)==Takayama Jinya(ticket¥440)==Kamisanomachi==Shirakawa-go==18:30Hotel(Four or five star) Day9 Hotel Dep Time(08:30)==Omi Sea food market==Oyama Shrine==Kenrokuen garden(ticket¥320)==Nagacho Samurai Houses==18:30Hotel(Four or five star) Day10 Hotel Dep Time(08:30)==Kanazawa Station⇔Kyoto Station==18:30Hotel(Four or five star) Day11 Hotel Dep Time(08:30)==Higashi Hongwanji Temple==Sanjusangendo (ticket¥600)==Kam Market==Tea ceremony test (ticket¥8,000)==18:30Hotel(Four or five star) Day12 Hotel Dep Time(08:30)==Nanzenji Temple = = Philosophy of the Way==Kinko Bright Temple (Samurai Show) = = Kodaiji Temple==18:30Hotel(Four or five star) Day13 Hotel Dep Time(08:30)==Seiko-In==Sansen-in==Kamigamo Shrine==Shimogamo Shrine==18:30Hotel(Four or five star) Day14 Hotel Dep Time(08:30)==Uji Matcha Street==Nara Park==Todaiji Temple (ticket¥600)==Kasuga Taisha==18:30Hotel(Four or five star) Day15 Hotel Dep Time(08:30)==Osaka Castle Keep (ticket¥600) == Ninja experience (UME) == Dotonbori == Dotonbori Ferris wheel (ticket¥600) ====18:30Hotel(Four or five star) Day16 Hotel==KIX/ITM

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6F, Wizem Building, 3-3-8 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN

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